Reduce cycle time - boost profits

With Jerko high-speed manipulators and our unique spraying technology!

πŸ’ŽOur manipulators are faster: 𝗺𝗢𝗻. πŸ­π˜€π—²π—° saving with 1.000mm stroke

πŸ’ŽOur valves switch faster: 𝟳𝟱 π—Ίπ˜€ faster

πŸ’ŽOur plate spray heads spray more efficiently: 𝟯𝟬% time saving in spraying time.

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50 point plan

Increase the productivity of your forging line and make more profit!

With our free 50 point plan you get an efficient tool!

πŸ’Ž Increase the die lifetime up to 30%.

πŸ’Ž Reduce lubricant and disposal costs up to 80%.

πŸ’Ž Up to 50% less cycle time

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Measuring and control system for the quantity of spray lubricant

Measuring and control system for the quantity of spray lubricant

Exact measurement of the spray lubricant quantity increases the die lifetime!

Within the scope of a ZIM project, we developed a measurement and control system based on innovative ultrasonic sensors, which allows the specificati...


Single Nozzle Spray Head

One spray head for all applications

What you can expect

The revolution in spraying technology! The patent registered single nozzle spray head combines the best of both worlds. Robust, simple and highly flexible in application. Each nozzle spray head can be controlled individually or in groups. Every possible contour can be sprayed - without set-up times.

How does it work? The nozzle plate is made by simple stainless steel parts. The nozzles are then individually fixed on a matrix - that' s it! The control can be done in groups or individually - at any time! Every single spray jet can be individually changed by exchangeable nozzle heads.

What is the cost? Thanks to the use of the most modern materials and additive manufacturing processes, the nozzles cost only a very low percentage compared to conventionally machined nozzles.

Advantages at a glance

  • patent registered modular spraying system
  • the most flexible system on the market
  • Precisely contoured spray head for complicated geometries
  • cheap due to 3D- print
  • Spray circles can be extended at any time
  • no moving parts in the spray nozzle
  • designed and built according to MRL 2006/42 EG


You decide how large the spray head should be. The carrier plate for the individual nozzles is adapted to the contour and designed as a simple welded part.

The type and number of nozzles are freely selectable. Our registered patent system allows the nozzles to be simply plugged on and the spray patterns to be changed.

The nozzles can be controlled individually or in groups.

And here is the next revolution: It can be changed at any time!

You know the situation: The spray head is produced and you have to adjust the spraying circles afterwards because of a small change of the contour? With the Jerko- System you are able to add, combine or extend spray circuits in a completely flexible way. Without cost-intensive changes to the spray head or a expensive new production.

The advantages of this system are clear.
Do not hesitate and contact us. Our experts are looking forward to a new challenge!

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